3RD DIGITAL TECH EXCELLENCE AWARDS (Formally Digital Inclusion Awards) are meant to provide a platform through which those brands who have successfully adopted digital solutions in their day to day operations and by doing so they have served their clients more conveniently and have positively impacted their clients will be recognized and celebrated. The awards also recognize the brands who are on the lead in the provision of tech solutions to the corporate word.

Benefits of participating in the awards

  • Position your company as a market leader and a champion of digital innovation and excellence.
  • Benefit from marketing exposure to the different organizations’ senior management attendees.
  • Benefit from marketing exposure to the different digital and financial services consumer’s attendees’ majority being youth and middle-age adults.
  • Network with the industry’s most influential people including most senior-level decision makers.
  • Stand out from your competitors –You’ll command more attention with branding throughout the event.